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Oak Cliff Cellars

"Art in the Bottle; Friendship in the Glass!"

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Oak Cliff Cellars Wine Thief Club

A ‘wine thief’ is a long glass tube the winemaker uses to ‘steal’ a taste from the barrel as the wine develops.  In this way, the winemaker gains an intimate knowledge and in-depth appreciation of the quality and character of each wine as it develops through regular sampling with the thief.  At Oak Cliff Cellars not just selling wine:  we offer our friends new and unique opportunities to cultivate a greater appreciation of fine wine and what goes into the making of it! 

We are pleased to invite you to join our Wine Thief Club:  your special access to our cellar and the winemaker’s art.  As a member of this very special group of OCC friends, you will have exclusive opportunities to sample Oak Cliff Cellars wines as they first become available and learn first-hand about the magical transformation from grape to glass. 

Here are the benefits you will enjoy as a member of the club:

  • Members only early release Oak Cliff Cellars wines shipments at 30% off (3 times a year: fall, winter, spring) - each shipment costing less than $100 including shipping and tax, and the opportunity to buy more of each new release at the same deep discount;
  • Members only 20% discount and exclusive access to sold-out releases 20% is your standard discount year round and you’ll be able to purchase more of your favorite wines (while supplies last) after they are sold out the general public;
  • Members first ‘Meet the Winemaker’ trips to wine country early notification and right of first refusal on wine trips:  usually 10 – 12 people over a long weekend 3 or 4 times each year;


  • Members first invitation and admission to OCC special events early notice and first refusal for dinners, tastings and other local events for club members; and


  • Unlimited access to OCC consultation services  -- unlimited access and assistance in planning your own trip, wine dinner, tasting, etc.

To join, simply go to our website at PURCHASE and fill out our online order form (not necessary to order wine at this time). To order a membership in the club, enter “1” qty of the OCC Wine Thief Club and prepay $100.00 for your first shipment.  We look forward to sharing great wine, special events, and wine weekends.   We hope you will want to join this special group of OCC friends and enjoy exclusive access to Oak Cliff Cellars and the world of wine. 

Thanks for your ongoing support and all the best,


Oak Cliff Cellars
‘Art in the Bottle; Friendship in the Glass’



*You are under no obligation to order any other wine or participate in any events during the year, other than the three sampler shipments.  Two weeks prior to each shipment you will be sent an email letter informing you of the wines to be shipped and the cost.  You can cancel or opt out of any one shipment during the year, but you must accept at least two of the three shipments each year to stay in the club.  You can ask to be removed from the club at any time.