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Oak Cliff Cellars

"Art in the Bottle; Friendship in the Glass!"

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The Oak Cliff Cellars Story                              


We make wine in Napa Valley, California and wine directly to our customers throughout the U.S.

Oak Cliff Cellars was born out of a love for good wine and good friends.  For nearly two decades, we have invited friends to join us for special evenings at our home in the historic Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas to eat, share stories, laugh and drink deeply – both from our well-stocked wine cellar and from a common store of good friendships. 
In recent years we have transported our friends and this moveable feast to Napa Valley for an annual beginning-of-the-year event in which to renew our friendships, taste new wines and meet the artisan winemakers in and around Napa Valley! Our passion for finding new & outstanding artisan wines to share with our friends reached the point in 2007 that we decided to make our own wines -- initially for our own enjoyment along with our friends.  And not long after that we threw caution (and perhaps good sense) to the wind and established Oak Cliff Cellars as a fully-bonded commercial winery, specializing in small lot production of premium Northern California wines (less than a few hundred cases each of our favorite varietals -- Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay) in order to share the fruits of our passion with an ever-growing cellar of friendships and acquaintenances.

And so our name "Oak Cliff Cellars"  not only reminds us of our neighborhood, friends and the many good times we enjoy there: it also represents our growing neighborhood across the U.S. of old and new friends with whom we are able to share our love for good food, wonderfully sensuous artisan wines and great, memorable times together!

So welcome to our neighborhood and to our cellar!  Try our wines, come with us as we travel to California and join our circle of wine lovers and good friends!

                                              JR, Maria and friends